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YCYH Office
12 Stonethwaite
YO24 2SY
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Phone: 01904 705004
Mobile: 07985 610759
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Organisations we work with

Christian Camping International


The mission of Christian Camping International-Worldwide is to promote Christian camping throughout the world as a means of helping the Church fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.


The vision of Christian Camping International-Worldwide is for Christian camping to be a highly effective and highly valued ministry tool throughout the world supported by a growing alliance of internally strong, sustainable and growth-focused associations of Christian camps and camping leaders.

The York Schools & Youth Trust.

Founded in 1996 the York Schools and Youth Trust (YoYo) seeks to support and serve the schools of York in the communication of the Christian faith. YoYo is a non-denominational charity managed by a Board of Trustees and currently has 8 members on the staff team. You can meet the team by clicking here. Aims of the Trust YoYo exists to: Effectively communicate the Christian faith to the children and young people of York, particularly through work in schools. Serve the primary and secondary schools of York by supporting them in their teaching of the Christian faith Encourage, equip and support churches to work with children and young people from their local schools. Encourage and help Christians in school as they live out their faith.

To find out more about their aims, click here.

Rock UK.  

We’ve been around for a pretty long time. Since 1922 in fact, when a group of Sunday school teachers from London took their schoolchildren, who had never had a holiday, out of the city to the South coast for a healthy and adventurous time.

Rock UK exists to create life long memories for youth and all people who come to our centres. We love to help young people push the boundaries of their comfort zones and give them the confidence to understand more about their own spiritual, mental and physical capabilities.

We’re here to provide them an environment which is secure, safe and re-affirming of people. We encourage and foster a culture of positivity at our centres, showing people the power that positive attitudes can have on the individual as well as a wider group.